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Water - 英語で水遊び!


Water and English!


"Here you are"


ジョウロに水を入れたいな... "Water, please."

だんだん重くなってきた!"It's heavy!"

お野菜さんお水どうぞ "Here you are."

土が濡れたね "The soil is wet."

"What's this?" - water!





"Let's drink water!"

夏は特に水分補給が欠かせない。 "Water, please." "Where is your water bottle?" "The water is cold" など、お水に関する英語がたくさん飛び交う一日。言語の違いや、正しい使い方など気にする前に "I'm thirsty! More water, please!" と話しかける子どもたち。いつの間にか英語の生活になっています。


We use water in so many ways at AKG!

"Here you are!"- Adults and children give water to the plants together! When we fill the watering can, we can use a lot of English! "Let's fill it up!" "It's full of water!" " Is it heavy or light?" "It's heavy!" When we give the water to the plants, we can use even more English! "Here you are!" "Pour the water." "It splashed!" "The soil is wet." "The plant is thirsty." We take responsibility for the plants at AKG and work together to help them grow!

"What's this?" - This is one of my favorite questions! When we can play with water, there are so many opportunities to talk about it. Is it warm or cold? Heavy or light? Clear or muddy? The sensory experience of touching and moving water can encourage lots of descriptive language and increase a child's confidence in sharing their experiences with others!

"Let's drink!"- It has been a hot summer here at AKG and we drank a lot of water! When we drink water, we can use English! "Let's drink water!" "My water is cold!" "I'm thirsty." "Where is your water bottle?" "More water please!" By using English with an activity that happens several times a day, we help children to feel more comfortable around English, and more confident in using it for communication.

Come to AKG and talk about water with us!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =







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