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読み聞かせ: AKG Story はエミリー手作り!

「子どもを英語に触れさせたい」「簡単な英語を使って親子で話してみたい」など、英語に関心をもっている方 AKGの英語スタッフEmilyが作った絵本で魅惑的な旅に出かけませんか?






Embracing the AKG English

Calling all English learners!

Get ready to embark on an enchanting journey with the AKG Story, our monthly handmade picture book created by AKG's talented English staff, Emily!

Using read alouds as a way to immerse yourself in English, this captivating book incorporates all the vocabulary and phrases of the month. It's like stepping into a world of words and adventure!

But that's not all! AKG Story is sprinkled with phonics and hints that will jog your memory and connect you to English from previous months. The more you progress through English at Home, the more joy and excitement you'll find within these pages!

And hey, here's a little trigger for your creativity too! Let the AKG Story inspire you to create your very own picture book. Who knows what magical tales you can weave?

Join us on this wonderful linguistic journey and unlock the power of AKG Story!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =


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