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秋は魅力がいっぱい [English follows]

四季折々の自然が楽しめるAKGでも、秋は特別。夏の間鮮やかな緑だったフィールドが、赤黄茶に移り変わる季節。冬に向けて椿の蕾が見え始める時。そして、桜の名所でもある garden は、乾燥してもろくなった桜の枝が降り落ちてきたりも!

Crunch! 落ち葉を踏んだ時の、あの心地良い音、大好き!虫の音、鳥の歌、カラスの会話。いろんな音にも注目です。


What can you see?

What can you hear?

What can you smell?


Changes in Nature!

Colors- At AKG we can see colors that change through the year. Soon it will be winter, and we will see the bright pink camelia flowers come out and after that, in spring we will see the delicate pale pink sakura flowers and watch the trees become full of green leaves again! But right now we are noticing the bright green leaves that surrounded us in summer are starting to turn yellow, red, and brown! Now, the leaves are starting to fall down!

Sounds-Now, I can hear one of my favorite sounds! When I take a walk, and I step on the fallen leaves, they go CRUNCH! Nature sounds can also come from living things! In the winter we hear lots of loud crows. When spring comes, lots of other birds join the singing and we can hear beautiful songs! In the summer the insects chirp and we can follow the sounds to catch them!

Smells- At AKG we get lots of smells from plants! Flowers can smell different! How does the yellow flower smell? Does the pink flower smell sweet? We also grow herbs that have yummy smells! Green onion, shiso, coriander, and my favorite; basil!

Come to AKG and experience nature!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =








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