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Bugs - 英語で虫と遊ぼう!

Bugs and English!




They tickle! ダンゴムシのたくさんの足はくすぐったい!バッタは軽いのにジャンプする時の力強さも感じるね。ミミズはニョロニョロ〜 英語スタッフと一緒だと、こんな英語もインプット!

What's this? じっくりと虫を観察したり、動きや身体のパーツを見つめたり。不思議だね... もっと知りたいね... 興味津々で長い時間観察している子たちの姿。英語スタッフが、そっと "leg, wing, eyes..." などと英語をインプットすると、子どもたちは英語学習とは知らずに、すぐに覚えてしまいます。

I'm being gentle! 小さな虫さんは、優しく扱わないと傷つけてしまうものも多いですよね。相手が心地良いように、どのように触ればいいかな?どこに置いてあげたらいいかな?純粋無垢な思いやりの気持ちが育まれる機会でもあります。もちろん、"gentle, soft, small" など英語も!


We play at AKG but it is also home to many creatures! I

They tickle!- Touching bugs is a great sensory experience! A roly poly has lots of tiny legs, so they tickle your skin! Grasshoppers are so light, but if you hold one in your hands you can feel it jumping! Worms are slimy and they wriggle, it's an interesting feeling! All of these experiences can unlock new opportunities for sensory based English!

What's this?- Looking at bugs is a great way to encourage curiosity and self-motivated exploration! When a child finds a bug they are interested in, they can spend a long time looking at it and watching the way it moves. This improves their concentration, patience, and encourages them to find ways to explore their own interests. It also gives us lots of chances to use English! Legs, wings, eyes, slime, shell, body, spots, stripes. There are so many words to describe bugs when we look at them closely!

I'm being gentle!- Looking at, picking up, and holding a small creature can help children learn how to be compassionate and empathetic. It is easier to think about how to care for something else when it is so small, and they can feel it on their skin. This thinking can lead to more thoughts about how to treat other creatures and people! We can use English to talk about it, too! The bug is small, let's be gentle, can you pick it up softly?

Come and meet some bugs with us!


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