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Lost and Found エミリー手作り AKG Story



Monthly original book with this month's English!

Emily's handmade book has... ・the month's vocabulary words and phrases! ・it's a funny story ・it's like a game!

毎月エミリーが手作りしている「An AKG story」絵本シリーズ。



切り絵や絵具、クレヨン、色鉛筆などを組み合わせて作られた原本は Awaji Kids Garden で楽しめます!

Every month we have an original AKG story written and illustrated by me, Emily! I want to tell you about this story, and how it can help the English learning and more!

Vocabulary- Each book contains all of the vocabulary for that month. Used in context, it increases the understanding and interest in the words! Often the word is shown with its counterpart together. In "Lost and Found," I put "clean" and "dirty" on the same page for easier understanding. Children can look for the image while you read!

Phrases- You can also find this month's phrases. Characters using the phrases provides examples for the children to feel more confident about using them. In "Lost and Found," one of the key phrases "Whose X is this?" is repeated in several different ways. "Whose hat is this?" "Whose clean shoe is this?" Seeing and hearing this phrase in different situations help to understand the meaning rather than simply memorize the words.

Funny- I try to make each story funny and interesting! Do you like Meg's funny face when she takes a cold shower?

Games- Many of the AKG stories are interactive! "Lost and Found" has clues for you to follow! One dragon is looking for his backpack with his book. Can you use the clues to find out which one belongs to him? Becoming involved with the characters creates more fun, therefore more interest in English!

I hope you enjoy this story!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =


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