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AKGfarmでは、子どもたちが Awaji Nature Farm(ANF)の皆さんと一緒に、作物を育ててきました。


ANFは、AKG farmのお隣お仕事中のANFの方を見かけると




地元の方との関わりと言えば、6月の淡路瓦を使ったクラフト!手を大胆に汚し、淡路瓦の粘土の感触を楽しみ、創造力豊かに作品作り。焼いてくださるのは、地元の瓦屋さん(大栄窯業さん)♪ 窯で焼いた後の仕上がりが楽しみです。


AKGfarm's Incredible Harvest! From planting seeds with Awaji Nature Farm to the delicious lunch we enjoyed together, every step was a true adventure!

We're blessed to have the support of our amazing community, especially our neighbor Awaji Nature Farm, as we cultivate the fields and nurture the dreams of our little ones

It's amazing to witness how the children are growing up with the unwavering support of our tight-knit Awaji community.

This summer, come and experience the heartwarming spirit of the Awaji community. Taste the fruits of our labor and enjoy the true essence of togetherness at AKGfarm.

Last year, were thrilled to have had Awaji High School join us for an unforgettable Adventure Day dedicated to the Awaji onions. We had a fun day filled with laughter, learning, and a whole lot of onion-inspired excitement!

But that’s not all! Throughout the day, we’re always met with warm greetings from the locals passing by. Their smiles and hellos brighten our days and remind us of the strong bonds we share as a community.

And hey, did we mention our recent AKG adventure with Awaji Clay? Last weekend was an absolute blast as we got our hands dirty and let our creative spirits soar! We can't wait to see how our clay creations will turn out after firing in the oven!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from AKG!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =


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