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・・・もちろんですが、 子どもたちと一緒に野菜を育てる楽しみって 実は他にも色々とあるのです。

例えば、葉っぱを見て 「これ、本当にジャガイモになるの?」 と不思議に思うY君と、試しに掘ってみたら、本当に小さいジャガイモ発見!キラキラ目を輝かせるY君、 「まだ赤ちゃんだね。ジャガイモのお布団 (土) にそっと返してあげよう。しっかりねんねして、大きい美味しいおいもになってね」と優しく埋めてあげること。

例えば、暑い日に水を飲みながら 「私のお野菜もきっと喉乾いてるね。お野菜にもお水あげる!」 と、ジョウロを取りに走るHちゃん。



Often times, people assume that the best part about growing veggies must be the tasing and harvesting the product! While those are both true, and AMAZING perks of gardening, we’d have to say that our very favorite thing is

- when a child is curious if these leaves are REALLY potatoes. He digs the palnt up, and shrieks with joy at discovering the baby potatoes, and decides to “put them back to bed so they can get to be delicious grown-ups.”


- when, after drinking water on a hot day, says “I was so thirsty! I want to give my plants some water, too. I’m sure they’re as thirsty as I am.”

We just wanted to share this inside look so you know just how delightful children are in their pure fascination when gardening! They’re so caring for the plants!

Now tell us, what do you find delightful?




= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =

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