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そのままの自然がどこまでも広がる景観の中に、AKG farmはまるで希望の光のようにたたずんでいます。







持続可能で、日々変わりゆく、AKG farmの日常の美しさを発見しに、ぜひAKGfarmのイベントに参加してみませんか?

🌿 AKGfarm Routines and Nature's Harmony 🌱

Join us at AKGfarm, where daily farm rituals become meaningful experiences, fostering a deep connection with the land. 🌾✨

In a world where wild nature seems increasingly elusive, AKGfarm stands as a beacon of hope. It is not merely another park or playground, but a carefully curated field where your child can explore the true essence of nature, safely. Here, you can rest assured that your little ones are free to roam, discover, and play, without the worries and inherent dangers often associated with wilderness areas. 🌳🌿

🐍 Mowing the grass is more than just a task; it's a way to mark safe play areas and activities, ensuring a sanctuary where children can explore without disturbing the wildlife that shares this natural haven. 🌳🌿

🌼 But we cherish every living thing! We leave out clover and wildflowers that don't grow too high, as they attract pollinators and captivate the curious minds of our children. Clover also works wonders for the soil, acting as a beneficial cover crop. 🌸🌱

⏳ We believe in a balanced approach to weed management, recognizing the importance of preserving living organisms. We eliminate weeds while preserving the delicate balance of life by using wood chips as a mulch. This process starts with mowing, followed by layering newspapers or cardboard as the first protective shield for the soil. Finally, we top it off with a layer of wood chips. 🍃🌾

Discover the beauty of a sustainable farm routine at AKG, where children learn to coexist with nature, value its inhabitants, and grow with a profound respect for the Earth. 🌍💚

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =


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