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Mud and English! 英語で泥遊び!




"Jump!" "Splash!" 晴れの時とは違う英語をいっぱい使う機会!雨やどろんこの日だからこその楽しみ方に、英語もプラスできちゃう!



= = = = =

When the rain meets the soil, it makes mud! We love mud at AKG, and it brings so many opportunities for English!

Jump! Splash!- Mud can create opportunities to use English that we don't get on dry days! What I love about these opportunities is how much fun they can be" With rain boots and rain clothes on it is so much fun to jump in puddles and experience the different feelings the ground can have. On days like this, I can use lots of English! Jump, splash, wet, sticky, slimy, warm, cold, brown, mud is amazing!

Is it deep?- Mud can also increase curiosity. The field that children know so well is suddenly different! Dips in the ground are full of water. but what will happen if I step in it? Is it deep? Will it cover my feet? I don't know so I want to find out! Children can experience the nature environment in a different way, and with rain; no two muddy days are the same!

Play!- Mud can provide a fantastic sensory experience. Staff are happy to touch the mud because they know they can wash their hands or change their clothes, This attitude helps the children to explore the mud too! Mud can be anything with a child's imagination, and often they pretend it is food! Muddy days bring careful recipes and turn many children into budding chefs. They mix in stones and leaves to make curry, pile up thick mud to make cakes, or add lots of water to make coffee!

Come and make mud coffee with us!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =


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