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2月 Travel and Transport


English at Home [Eng. follows]


フレーズ "Where are you going?" どこへ行く? は、いつでも使えて便利。

お家の中で "I'm going to the kitchen." (キッチンに向かってるよ)

日常の中で "I'm going to school." (学校に行きます)

ちょっと特別なお出かけで "I'm going to Grandma's house!" (おばあちゃんの家に行くんだよ!)

行先の beach (海) や library (図書館) なども、今月の単語にあるので、ぜひ組み合わせて使ってみよう。イマジネーションの世界でもお出かけできるから、行先は無限大!


How can you use AKG English At Home?

This month the theme is 'Travel and Transport' so how do we use these words at AKG and how can you use them at home?

"Where are you going?"- This is one of our focus phrases and you can use it any time! The response is "I'm going to the..." So you can use this for anywhere!

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the kitchen!" "I'm going to school!" "I'm going to Grandma's house!"

"I'm going to the beach!"- Many of our vocabulary words are outside of AKG, so how do we use them? With our imagination of course! This is not a sand pit, it's the beach! A log seesaw becomes a park! Story time becomes a library! You can use your imagination at home, too. Where will you go with your imagination?

"I'm going to the market!"- We use nature objects in imaginative play at AKG. Stones can become fruit at a market, leaves can become money to buy them with. Having fun while playing in English means we can learn some new words together!

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