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AKG English at AKG

Welcome to July in year Water!

(At AKG, each year of the three-year curriculum is named after a nature element. You can join in the English learning journey in any year!)

Vocabulary Words

This month, we are focusing on the words that describe shapes.

There is a word for which we learn 2 different meanings: light.

"light" as in "the sunshine is light"

"light" as in "the feather is light"

Phrases & Song

You can use these phrases to ask for a specific object or when comparing two objects (light/heavy, long/short). The underlined words can be changed to other words on this month's vocabulary list. In the same way, the lyrics of the song can also be changed to other vocabulary words for more fun! Be a detective and find things for each other among the family members!

AKG Story

Speaking of being a detective...

Every month at AKG, our English staff Emily Bailey creates a picture book containing all the vocabulary words of the month and a lot of the phrases, too. This month's story is

"Shape Detective"

The rhythmic, rhyming text is fun to read!

Look for the items with Max and Claire!

Also, you can read in different rooms and look for those shapes around you.


At AKG, we use the Jolly Phonics sequence and songs to learn the English sounds and also the phonetic pronunciations of the alphabet. This month, we are learning


So, how about taking a detective hunt for all the shapes and letters covered this month!?

= = = = =

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