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Hello! My name is Niji! 虹です!

AKGに入ってびっくり! 子どもたちの自然の環境の中での成長や、英語でいろんな国のスタッフとコミュニケーションとっている姿は、2022年2月に入ってから感動の源です。


AKGはホームページを見て知りました。ぜひ、 @awajikidsgarden を見てみて、体験しにきてね!会えるのを楽しみにしています♪

Hello! My name is Niji!

In February 2022, I joined the multicultural environment of AKG and I was surprised to see the way children were developing their physical abilities in nature, and their English understanding and communication with international staff!

My favorite part of AKG is the way children to become independent from an early age! With child-led activities, I can see the children exploring their creativiy and discovering how to make themselves and others happy. I also like that by interacting with people from many different countries and cultures, children can learn to celebrate the differences that make us unique!

Take a look at our website to see some of the amazing things we do! Better yet, come and visit us! I can't wait to meet you!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =

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