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Let's Meet James

Hello! My name is James!


2022年4月1日にAKGの一員に仲間入りしました! 子どもたちが自然の中で自由に遊んで、遊びを探求している姿を見るのがとっても好きです!

AKGでは、自分自身や世界について触れる機会がたくさんあります。 一緒においしいランチを作ったり、野菜を植えたり、クラフトを作って楽しんでいます♪



= = = = =

Hello! My name is James !

I joined AKG April 1st, 2022. I love seeing children freely playing in nature and exploring their own interests and creativity! There are so many opportunities for children to learn about themselves and the world here at AKG.

I enjoy cooking delicious lunch with children, planting vegetables, and making crafts!

My favorite part of AKG is when we have special events that involve many new people, and workers from different professions come to talk to the children and introduce them to other parts of Awaji and Japan! Seeing the smile on their faces is priceless when they learn something new!

I can't wait to meet you!

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =

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