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"When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney"



大きなくしゃみを “Achoo!!”



Awaji では、毎月の英単語にKids Gardenォーカスした歌を、生活の中の様々なアクションに合わせて歌います。

= = = = =

Created by Awaji Kids Garden

When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney…

Oh no!

What should we do?

With soot on his beard and bag and a thickly nose… “Achoo!”

Songs are a fabulous way to introduce small children to a new language. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they also instill vocabulary, syntax, rhymes, pronunciation, and a general sense of the linguistic structure. At @awajikidsgarden we focus on one song a month related to the season and the month’s English at Home®️ curriculum.

= = = AKGと繋がろう! = = =

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